At TALOR Garden Furniture, we appreciate that things aren't always as affordable as we'd like. This is why we've decided to use the finance partner, Klarna to offer 0% finance on purchases of up to £1000. Please note, baskets over this amount will not be processed. We are working closely with Klarna to bring you increased credit limits and extended finance periods, if you have any further questions regarding our finance options, please contact us.

For full Klarna Terms & Conditions, head to


 Klarna currently offers:

Pay in 3 Interest-Free Instalments

This option allows you to easily split your purchase into 3, interest-free payments! The payments are automatically withdrawn from the payment card that you have on file with Klarna every 30 days until the full order amount has been paid. You will also have the option to pay the balance in full at any time if preferred. 

When you attempt to place an order using the Pay in 3 option, an authorisation hold is placed on the card you have connected, to reserve the funds for the first instalment. As soon as we have shipped your order, you will receive an email from Klarna outlining your payment schedule and the first payment will be taken.

0% Buy Now, Pay Later

The Pay in 30 Days option allows you to place your order and get up to 30 days to pay without any interest and fees. You can also pay off the balance earlier than the deadline if you wish. 

Simply select Klarna at the checkout, review and then complete your order once you are happy, and you will be forwarded to the Klarna website. If you are using Klarna for the first time, you will be asked to apply for an account at the checkout. If you are approved by Klarna, they will then create your account. 



How do I view my statement and make a Klarna payment? 

You can view all of your statements, outstanding balance and payments through the Klarna app. Orders made through Klarna are linked to the email address used to place the order. If there is no existing Klarna account registered for the email used, a new Klarna account will be created for that order. So if you are not seeing a specific purchase, it is important to check that you have logged into your Klarna profile with the email address you have used at the checkout . To see what email address is connected to the order you are looking for, just check the confirmation email you received from the us.

Making your Klarna payments couldn’t be easier. Simply:

  • Log into the Klarna App
  • Select ‘My Klarna’ to find the option to view your ‘Purchases’ or all your ‘Payments’
  • Choose the purchase or account you want to pay
  • Follow the prompts to submit your payment ensuring to use the correct payment information when making a payment to avoid any errors.


I have tried to pay using Klarna but was rejected, why?

We are really sorry to hear that you were unable to pay with Klarna at this time. Firstly, ensure your order value does not exceed £1,000 as this is the current order value limit on our website. 

If your order value is below this, there could be a few reasons why your request to use Klarna finance was declined. You might find that not all or no Klarna payment options are available to you when making a purchase. Different factors such as missed or delayed payments, or reported financial hardship can lead to being blocked from using Klarna.

The Klarna business model assesses each request independently, so even if you have used Klarna before it does not guarantee you will be approved in the future. Klarna undertakes approval assessments by contacting their designated Credit Reference Agencies to understand your credit history as well as your Klarna performance history. As they operate in this way, do not be too disheartened if you are declined this time. Each purchase attempt generates a new automated approval decision, so you may be approved in the future. 


How can I increase my chances of being approved?

Having a positive credit history can improve your chances of being approved, so try and ensure you do not miss any credit payments.

Minimising current debt - If you still have lots of balances on unpaid purchases, it would help your cause to pay the debts off to increase your chances of approval through Klarna. 

Connect your bank account with Klarna. Doing this gives Klarna the chance to get a clearer picture of your ability to pay and will therefore help them make a more informed credit decision. 

If you are using Klarna for the first time, they recommend having your first order delivered to your billing address to maximise the chances of being accepted. 

Don’t give up! The total amount in your shopping basket may be too high - so remove an item(s) and try again. Please be aware that attempting too many purchases in a short amount of time may result in being rejected as fraud prevention.


If I pay using Klarna, how do I return my order? 

Great question! If you need to return your order, you still need to follow the same steps as normal. Get in touch with to notify us about your issue and we will assist you with organising a return. All of our usual refund T&C’s apply, which you can read about here. You will also need to report a return in the Klarna app by logging in and registering that you are waiting for a return to be processed, so Klarna can pause the payment deadline.