TALOR Garden Furniture offer a 5-year guarantee on all products sold under the Maze Rattan brand. Please note, the 5-year guarantee only covers furniture for structural damage (framework), rust, and fade in the UK. FirePit systems and accessories are covered by a 1-year guarantee. The guarantee does not include the glass, fabric, cushion fabric or filling, rattan, or stitching supplied with the set (unless there is a manufactural defect which is reported within 48-hours of delivery).

The guarantee must be registered within 90 days of delivery, and the guarantee coverage will commence on the date of delivery (“Guarantee Coverage”) and continues from that date. This guarantee will not cover any damage that is caused directly or indirectly by factors that are out of the responsibility and influence of TALOR Garden Furniture LTD. The guarantee must be registered online at www.talor.co.uk/maze-rattan-register-guarantee. The 5-year guarantee is the maximum period covered and any replacement orders provided do not re-start the guarantee period.

The guarantee is only valid as to defects in the materials, and TALOR Garden Furniture reserves the right to not apply the guarantee where it deems, and/or when damages and defects are caused by:

  • Commercial use (unless agreed in writing prior to purchase)
  • Insufficient and/or incorrect product maintenance
  • Inappropriate misuse
  • Instances where the product/s has been tampered with by a third party
  • Fair wear and tear
  • Not following fitting instructions and using tools and fixings provided
  • Foreign weather conditions if the furniture is moved outside of the UK
  • Vandalism, abuse, neglect, deliberate act, accident, disaster or casualty

Where a defect is found, TALOR Garden Furniture (or its authorized supplier/manufacturer acting on its behalf) will repair, replace or remove part or the entire product. Where it is deemed viable to do so, TALOR Garden Furniture may provide products, parts and/or materials for the customer to repair or replace a defective part, without the on-site assistance of a TALOR Garden Furniture employee or authorized representative. As a reasonable resolution between the customer and TALOR Garden Furniture, a chargeable upgrade at a discounted rate may be provided, but only at the customers discretion. The method of remedy under this guarantee shall be at the sole choice of TALOR Garden Furniture.

TALOR Garden Furniture will always ensure that this product will receive the full benefit of any manufacturer’s guarantee. Where any claim is made under this guarantee, refunds will not exceed the following proportions of the original purchase price of the goods:

  • up to 100% for a claim made in the first 12 months
  • up to 50% for a claim made within 13-24 months
  • up to 25% for a claim made within 25-36 months
  • up to 10% for a claim made within 37-48 months; and
  • up to 5% for a claim made within 49-60 months

in each case by reference to the number of years that have passed since the commencement of the Guarantee Coverage.

This guarantee is in addition to, and does not affect, your legal rights in relation to the Goods that are faulty or not as described. All products will be provided in accordance with the contract. Advice about your legal rights is available from your local Citizens' Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office.

For advice on maintenance please contact TALOR Garden Furniture or visit the aftercare web page which can be found at www.talor.co.uk