Enjoy your garden come rain or shine with our brand new range of premium Pergolas. TALOR stock a variety of colours, shapes and sizes of metal and wooden Pergolas. Some of our 3m and 4m Pergolas also include pull down sides, louvered roofs and built in, colour changing lights. With a wide range including Free-standing, Wall Mounted and Pergolas with Decking Kit's, you can be rest assured that the perfect outdoor shelter awaits at TALOR Garden Furniture.

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The Pergola, from the Latin pergula, is seeing a modern resurgence and a boost in popularity, but this simple “protecting eave” has stood the test of time for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The common knowledge is that the earliest form of the pergola dates to approximately 1,400 B.C. and the Egyptian High Court. Since its creation the purpose of the pergola has been clear, to offer practical protection from the elements, while also being a status symbol and a work of art. Throughout the centuries these structures were seen as a resting place for those of high status, placed in gardens and courtyards of the wealthy, often with the inclusion of fruits or flowers trailing along the frame.

Although the styles had changed throughout the years, the modern pergola we have today is derived from the design seen throughout Italy’s late renaissance period.
This quintessential European design has still seen changes in design and in materials such as the introduction of the modern aluminium and metal pergola designs, but the core essence is still present today.

With modern building techniques it is easy to see why over the years what was once exclusively for the nobles has trickled down to homes of all sizes across Europe. Whether you are looking for outdoor shelter or a breath-taking centrepiece to your garden, a garden pergola truly is the best of both worlds.