Top 5 Garden Makeover Ideas

Summer is quickly approaching and we don't want you to get left behind, so we're here to help with our Top 5 Garden Makeover Ideas. Whether you are looking for a full garden revamp, or some little touch ups, you can find some fresh inspiration that will be sure to enhance your outdoor living experience this year. 

Create Outdoor Zones

Creating different zones in your outdoor space is the perfect way to inject some character into your garden. Mirror the inside of your home by constructing outdoor rooms that highlight different features, allowing you to maximise the most out of your space.

Use one corner of your garden to create a cosy living space by adding an all-weather garden corner sofa set with a coffee table and add the homely finishing touches with some decorative scatter cushions for maximum comfort. Design a kids corner using more adventurous pieces, such as outdoor bean bags or hanging chairs for ultimate relaxation. Turn up the heat by making an outdoor kitchen - literally. Integrate a complete unit or a trendy BBQ to help you cook up a storm al-fresco. Complete your outdoor dining room with a patio table and chairs to seat the whole family. 

Top 5 garden ideas - TALOR Garden Furniture

Versatility with Modular Garden Furniture

Choosing the right garden furniture to invest in can be tricky. You want something that will last and that you won’t have to replace if you decide you want to switch up your garden design a year down the line. Modular garden furniture is a convenient way to give yourself plenty of options. Investing in a modular garden sofa gives you endless possibilities that you won’t get bored of! Make the perfect outdoor corner sofa or break down the components to create separate, smaller sofa sets to create a more intimate setting.

Modular garden furniture - TALOR Garden Furniture

Cosy Outdoor Rugs

Rugs are an integral feature in many homes, but who said they are just for the indoors? Outdoor rugs are an up and coming garden trend that you don’t want to miss! One of the quickest ways to refresh your outdoor space, rugs are an affordable way to elevate your current landscaping without having to fork out thousands on a new patio. Choose a vibrant colour for a bold, statement piece or layer up by styling underneath your garden sofa or patio dining set.

Outdoor Rugs - TALOR Garden Furniture

Ambient Outdoor Lighting

Set the mood with some ambient outdoor lighting. The perfect way to accessorise your garden space is with feature patio lights, allowing you to relish the outdoors late into the evening. Choose low maintenance solar or USB powered lights to remove the need for an outdoor power supply. Place by the side of your outdoor furniture for a tranquil utopia or place some lamps on the table tops to extend the dinner party all night long. Putting garden lights into your home will make you feel like you’re on holiday all year round. 

Outdoor Lighting - TALOR Garden Furniture

Warming Fire Pits

Make the days last longer with a garden fire pit. With so many options available, choose a fire pit that is perfect for your requirements. Bioethanol fire pits are the low maintenance ideal, providing a clean and vibrant flame every time. Go for a round fire bowl to get the exotic, love island look where you can gather around with your loved ones and make some memories. If you want to go a step-further, pick a garden set with fire pit. An integrated gas fire pit table is a guaranteed way to make your entertaining experience even more special, through keeping your guests warm or by cooking up some delicious nibbles.

Garden Fire Pits - TALOR Garden Furniture

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