EcoSmart: the revolutionary, bioethanol fire pit you need for your garden

One of the best ways to make your outdoor space more inviting is with an outdoor fire pit, however there is growing concern about the environmental impacts of traditional fires.

Wood-burning and non-renewable propane fire pits emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which has been directly linked to climate change and poorer respiratory health. Choosing to burn wood with low moisture content can reduce the harmful impacts of smoke, but there is an even better way to take care of the environment, without losing the warmth and style of a vibrant outdoor fire. 

​​We are ecstatic to introduce our brand new range of eco-friendly fire pits and fire tables, from EcoSmart Fire™. This innovative new range of modern garden fire pits, is a true reflection of the future. Designed for the planet but without lacking sophistication, this elegant collection seamlessly integrates with the outdoors to create an opulent utopia.

EcoSmart Fire Pit - TALOR

EcoSmart Fire Pits are more than just stunning good looks - they are a revolutionary combustion system that uses the cleanest, most efficient fuel source on the market - bioethanol. 

What are Bioethanol Fires and why is burning biofuels more environmentally friendly? 

Bioethanol fires operate using the fuel of the future, burning clean and leaving no messy environmental pollutants like soot, smoke and ash with burn, compared to the environmental impact of using wood or gas. As no harmful emissions need to be extracted, all of the heat stays within your space meaning lower running costs - what a bonus!

Bioethanol is a renewable energy source that is biodegradable in nature. Made by microbial fermentation of the sugar and starch components of agricultural by-products (for example, sugarcane and crops like grain, potatoes and rice), rather than by burning harmful fossil fuels, makes bioethanol fires an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fires.

The combustion of bioethanol results in a clean emission of heat, steam and carbon dioxide (very minimal amount compared to other fuels), which is absorbed by plants and processed via photosynthesis to aid plant growth. The infinite cycle of creation and combustion of energy makes bioethanol a carbon neutral fuel source, as the amount of CO2 released when burning the fuels, is pretty much the same as the amount absorbed by the plants used for its manufacturing - pretty great, huh?

EcoSmart Fires are powered using e-NRG - an eco-friendly bioethanol liquid fuel, which is the cleanest, most efficient liquid ethanol fuel on the market. Formulated with the perfect blend of isopropyl and methyl alcohol, burning e-NRG creates a stunning, vibrant flame with each and every use.  

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All heating appliances have their own smell - whether it be gas, wood or electric. Bioethanol fire pits are no different, however this is minimal compared to other fuel types. The burning of the substances in the e-NRG fuel may cause a slight smell upon initial lighting and when the flame is extinguished - similar to when you blow out a candle.

Garden Fire Table
Benefits of EcoSmart Bioethanol Fires:
- Clean burning sustainable fuel 
- Easy installation with no gas or electric connections
- Low maintenance - no smoke, soot or ash 
- Longer burn time than gas or wood
- Low odour compared to other fuels
- Burns a brighter, vibrant flame compared to other fuels
- Stain resistant concrete
- Highly durable against British weather conditions, including UV

The concrete EcoSmart Fire pits are crafted using Fluid™ Concrete Technology - a revolutionary streamlined system, delivering exceptionally robust, handcrafted fire pits. The fire pits and fire tables feature a stain and impact-resistant barrier which protects the concrete from environmental weathering and other threats, even in the worst British conditions! With an EcoSmart fire, you’ll be confident that you have invested in a durable outdoor table that is made to last!

EcoSmart teak finished fire pits and fire tables are like nothing else on the market. Exceptional design and materials make the range truly untouched by any other. The A Grade and FSC Certified Teak (Forest Stewardship Council Certification) means this unique design doesn’t deviate away from the core values of the range. The teak is harvested from a sustainability managed forest, promoting biodiversity and protecting the forest for future generations. Local workers are employed with proper training and fairly paid wages - so by choosing FSC teak, you’ll be supporting sustainable forest management and local communities.

EcoSmart Bioethanol Outdoor Fire Pit Bar Table

Go on…go greener today and choose an EcoSmart Fire. Shop the brand new collection below.

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