A Winter Wonderland of luxury, Christmas Decorations.

It's the most wonderful time of the year...that's what we're making it this year - we all deserve it, don’t you think?

To all of our fellow Christmas lovers (and haters), check out our Christmas Guide to help you transform your home into a complete, dreamy winter wonderland…

1) A Christmas Tree - aka the epitome of Christmas! Your tree is probably the first thing you think of when decorating and is an integral part of your home during December, so there is no doubt that it needs to be awe-inspiring. 

First things first, you need to make sure you are getting a tree that fits your space right. Think about the size of your room when deciding on what size tree to buy. Pick the area where you want to place the tree and measure up. Bigger spaces require bigger trees - you don’t want to be putting a 4ft Christmas tree in a grand hallway or a big open-plan living space.

Luxury, Artificial Chrsitmas Tree

Our luxury, artificial trees are the perfect way to create a natural aesthetic indoors this Christmas. The thick, green, bushy branches on our trees create a high-end feel and leave plenty of room for decorating.

Choose between standard and pre-lit options - great for your low maintenance needs without losing out on the premium feel! Our pre-lit trees offer 10 multi-function settings, built with stunning LED lights. The traditional bulb shape makes the tree look classier, upholding your luxury requirements. Take things to the next step and create your dream white Christmas with our Scotch Pine Frosted Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree!

2) The Reindeer - an iconic Christmas symbol. Our range of classic, rattan reindeers are an astonishing accessory indoors or out. Available in different sizes, you can create an adorable reindeer family to join your home for many happy years to come. With a choice of grey, white or brown you can match them to any colour scheme. 

Our classy, reindeer figures are dual powered meaning you can either plug the figures in or run it off battery power - whatever suits your needs!

Christmas Rattan Reindeer Figures

3) Let’s talk Nutcrackers! Symbolising good luck and acting as protectors of the house in German folklore traditions, Nutcracker figurines have remained an integral part of many homes at Christmas. 

Double up with Nutty the 6ft Nutcracker for this classic, regal aesthetic inside your home. Whether at the entrance of a grand hallway or around the fireplace, he will be sure to make your space scream festivities this Christmas. 

Christmas Nutcracker Figures

So big that Santa can see it from his sleigh, Groot the 10ft LED Musical Nutcracker is our must-have, feature piece this Christmas. Built with an LED, light jacket, Groot will be a fundamental part of any light display. He also plays 8 Christmas Instrumental songs, spreading festive cheer for all to hear!

With his impressive top hat, staff and auburn hair, Groot will stand tall and proud wherever you place him and his spectacular colouring will never need repainting meaning he will be a part of the family for years to come! 

Giant Christmas Nutcracker Figure

4) Is there anything more wintery than a snowman? A must have for any winter wonderland is a friendly snowman figure. The crisp, white body of a snowman emulates everything about the winter season and brings the traditional, childhood touch that we all long for.

Our heartwarming, Stacking Snowman Family is a top pick this year. Sitting upon each others’ shoulders, they create a 90cm figure that is sure to impress friends, family and neighbours. The trio of whimsical snow figures are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Place by the fireplace or by your front door to display a warming, welcome into your home. 

Christmas Snowmen


5) Dominate the street and own your space with a showstopping, head-turning feature piece this Christmas. Known for its grandeur, the Fairybell radiates elegance and opulence like no other. The monumental, 12 metre LED Christmas Tree is the absolute, perfect finishing touch to your winter wonderland, setting the tone from the offset. The tree is sure to make your home synonymous with a grand hall fit for royals!

Outdoor Christmas Tree

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